Benefits of foam insulations

We are a fully licensed and insured foam insulation contractor.Pros and Cons of foam and spray insulations

Many people wonder about the benefits of building with foam insulations and if it’s worth the efforts. We are here, to tell you all about spray insulations and help you make a choice. That’s why, without further delay, we present you with the benefits of foam insulations:

1. First of all, spray insulations are extremely good at what they do. It helps customers save energy costs and lower the utility bill. According to state authorities up to 40% of a home’s energy is lost through walls, windows and doorways. Buildings with spray foam insulations perform as much as 50% better than those with traditional insulations.

2. Comfort. Once a home is completely insulated, it becomes easier to keep a constant temperature and lower the levels of humidity and moisture. Also, it reduces the noise from the outside world, which can be very relaxing.

3. Safety. It reduces the risk of harmful mold and mildew, as well as the level of dust and pollen infiltration, which can cause allergies and respiratory diseases. The material is highly resistant to low temperatures and helps reduce ice damage.

4. Performance. It helps save 30-50% of your energy losses and lowers your utility bills. Foam insulations reduce the required capacity of your HVAC systems. They provide strength to the building’s structure and do not wear, sag or settle over time. Spray insulations have a very long life.

5. Tax reductions. If the previous advantages are not enough, the state offers tax reductions for home owners with insulated buildings. Not all states offer such compensations, so be sure to check it out!

The problem with foam insulations is they are hard to install and cost a bit more than other insulation materials. It takes an initial investment, which pays for itself in a few years, but the benefits are worth it. If you have any questions about spray insulations, give IAM Enterprises Inc a call. We can help you with both advice and services.

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